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How do I subscribe to the service?

The Portal provides a range of subscription packages:

Plymouth Secondary Schools

Sign up as a Plymouth Secondary School to the Portal and take advantage of the enhanced opportunities for collaboration the platform provides. 

CPD Providers 

Sign up as a CPD Provider and extend your organisation's profile and reach across Plymouth Secondary Schools.  (Find out how

You can view further details of the subscription packages here. 

If you have a question regarding a subscription plan please contact us here. 

School Users

Or if you're a member of a subscribing Plymouth Secondary School -  Sign up a a free user account.


How do I obtain an account to access the community and private areas of the Portal?

You can create a user account here*:

Create a User Account

Or click the 'Login' menu - at the bottom of the login form you'll see the 'Create an Account' link 

Enter your details to create an account. 

You'll then receive an email informing you your account has been created - please verify your email address. 

Once you've verified your email account, an administrator will activate your account. You'll receive an email when this has been actioned. 

* We will only approve account registrations for members of Plymouth Secondary Strategy Schools, partner organisations and subscribing institutions.

I've created an account and haven't received a email verification

Provided you entered a valid email address when you registered for a user account you will receive an email requesting you verify your email address.

If you haven't received an email from the system, please check your 'Junk/Spam/Clutter' folders. 

I Can't Log into the Portal

Please check the following:

  1. You've entered the correct Username and Password. You can recover your credentials by clicking the 'Forgot your password?' or. 'Forgot your username?' links below the login form. The site will use the email address you entered when you first set up your account (Check your Junk/Spam/Clutter folders if you haven't received an email).  
  2. Please ensure you have ACCEPTED the site's Cookies Policy
  3. Clear your browser's cache/temporary internet files (You can find guidance on how to this here).
  4. It is common for users to set their browser to remember their password (we advise against this). The following link provides guidance on how to remove a password from a browser's saved password list. Click Here 

If you continue to have problems logging into the site, please Contact support by completing the 'Contact Support Form' on the Contact page. 

How do I update my Account Details / User Profile ?

You can update your account / user profile details from the 'Edit My Profile' menu. 

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to update your user profile.

  1. Your contact details may change so you need to change the email address linked to your account. IMPORTANT: The platform uses the email address first registered with your account to communicate 'Password Reset' and 'Usernames' to you. Please ensure this is up to date. 
  2. You may be handing over responsibility for managing events to another person in your organisation. You can change the email address to there's, by updating it in the 'Edit My Profile' menu. 

I require assistance, how do I contact support?

If you require Help / Support please please use the 'Contact Portal Support' form here .

How do I contribute content to the Portal?

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We recommend using the Chrome Browser when using the Portal's Event Promotion/Management functionality.

You can download Chrome here. 

Advertising an Event

Subscribers to the CPD Portal-SW service can promote their events to an audience of over 10 000 users across SW England and beyond. The Portal is ‘Booking Platform Agnostic’ – it doesn’t matter where your events are being processed, you can still add them to the Portal’s CPD catalogue. Users can find CPD from one simple search box, searching across an extensive catalogue of CPD from over 80 CPD Providers. Users click the ‘Register’ button next to an event listing and they’re routed through to the site where the event’s bookings are being managed. Many organisations use services such as EventBrite, Google Forms or Third Party booking systems; the Portal can accommodate all events regardless of how bookings are managed by an organisation. Simply add your event by completing the simple ‘Add an Event’ form and begin promoting your events to a wider audience.

Go to ‘Submit Event’

Enter the details of your event into the ‘Add/Edit Event’ Form. 

Click 'Save' 

The form contains a number of mandatory fields as indicated (highlighted in red) below :



Enter the title of your event; try to include a title which accurately reflects what your event is about. For example if it’s about SEND, include this in the title – this will help when users search for an event.


Select the top level category for your event, this will usually be the target audience.

Additional Categories

Select any additional categories. These really aren’t too critical as the search tool is very good in identifying keywords from your event description. You can select multiple categories by pressing Ctrl (PC) or CMD (Mac) and and clicking on the categories.


Add your organisation’s logo to the event. We recommend a logo size of no more than 200px x 200px, in .gif, .jpg or .png file format.

Maximum file upload size = 2Mb

IMPORTANT: The system will not allow you to use images in any other formats. 

Event Start Date

The date your event will take place/begin.


Leave this blank if your event is FREE.

 External Booking       Link

Paste in the address of where your event booking is being processed for example EventBrite, a Google Form , a School Website etc. !IMPORTANT: you must include https:// or http:// in the link.

The register button below an event's listing will point to the address you enter in this field. 


Set Published = Published, your event will then display in the CPD Portal’s Regional CPD catalogue.


Enter a summary for your event. 

Try to inlcude the following:

  • Aims
  • Outcomes
  • Audience 



Enter a description for your event. This will display when a user clicks the 'Details' Button below the event's listing. 

To help with searching try to include an accurate description for your event. The platform will index your event and will record 'Key words' against it. If you add a detailed description which accurately describes your event it will help when users are searching for events using the 'Search for CPD' tool on the platforms homepage.  

TIP: Consider what search phrase/words users are likely to use when searching for your event. Try to include the name of your organisation, it will help anyone searching for your events



Editing an Event

To edit an event you've previously added to the platform.

Go to 'Manage My Events' 

The system is set to 'Hide Past Events' and will therefore display all your current events by default  (ie. those where the Start Date is < Today's Date).

Note: If you wish to view all the events you've added to the system, you can access them by selecting 'All My Events' from the drop down menu. 



How do I add a new location / venue for my event?

To add a location / venue for your event:

Go to 'Manage Locations' 

Click 'Submit New Location' 

Enter a 'Name' for your location 

Enter the Postcode  (IMPORTANT: Enter your postcode in the format 3 characters SPACE 3 characters eg. TA1 1SH) 

The system will then perform a lookup for your postcode and will display the address which match the postcode).

Click on the address you wish to use

Click 'Save' 

You will then be able to select the location when adding an event in the 'Submit Event' form. 

My Event isn't Displaying

If your event isn't displaying, please check that the following:


Has it been published? 

In the 'Submit Event' form set Publish = Yes  

If you're accessing the event from the 'Manage Events' menu click the button in the 'Status' column to a tick. 


Has the 'Start Date' lapsed?

Is Today's date greater than the 'Start Date' fo your event? 

If so change the 'Start Date' to after 'Today's Date' 

I can't see an event I've previously added in the Manage Events view

The system is set to 'Hide Past Events' and will therefore display ONLY your current active events by default  (ie. those where the Start Date is < Today's Date).

Note: If you wish to view all the events you've added to the system, you can access them by selecting 'All My Events' from the drop down menu. 

My Event requires a category not currently listed - How do I add a new category?

If your event requires a category not currently listed, simply drop us an email and we'll add it for you. 

I'm having a problem saving my event

Please ensure you have completed the mandatory fields:

  • Logo (IMPORTANT: Your image must meet the requirements of the system, it must be either in .gif, .jpg or .png. 
  • External Booking Link

If you do not compete these fields you will not be able to save your event. 


How do I delete an Event?

In order to avoid having to restore your events after deletion and introducing an overhead, we don't currently provide this functionality. Instead of deleting a event you can 'Unpublish' the event and it will be hidden. If you require the event permanently deleted from the platform we can of course delete it for you. Please contact us if you require an event deleted. 

What format should my logo be?

We recommend a logo size of no more than 200px x 200px, in .gif, .jpg or .png file format.  

Maximum file upload size = 2Mb

IMPORTANT: The system will not allow you to use images in any other format. 


I would like to co-brand my event with more than one logo - How do I do this?

If your event is being delivered with a partner organisation, you may wish to 'co-brand' it with two logos.  The platform will only permit the use of one image per event. You will need to create a single graphic file containing the two logos. You can then use the single image file with your event. 

My CPD is a programme and not just one event?

To add a programme of events, you will need to add the programe as a single event and list the dates and venues for the other programme events in the summary/description for the initial programme event. 

Creating a School CPD Event Registration Form in Google Forms

There are plenty of ways to make good use of Google Forms. You can set up a quiz, or if you are having an event and need a quick way to register your attendees, Google Forms provides an easy way to make a customized registration form. Follow the video and learn how you can create an event registration form with Google Forms.

If you're a CPD Portal subscriber you can use the link to your form and add it to an event you're advertising on the CPD Portal.


I would like further training in using the Portal - How do I book this?

If you require further training on how to get the most out of the platform for promoting/managing your organisation's CPD, please use the 'Contact Support' form opposite and we will be happy to assist you. 

We deliver our training through a series of short webinars.