Maths at the Transition

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Plymouth Schools - Maths at the Transition

You will be aware that Plymouth is one of the four national pilots for developing a place-based approach to school improvement. As part of the plan there are some funded cross phase opportunities for colleagues to engage in. The Plymouth Maths at the Transition programme is designed for maths leads to engage with the best available evidence from the EEF, work with maths experts in Plymouth and engage in cross-phase collaboration to improve pupils’ transition experience in maths. 
The training is aimed at primary and secondary Maths Leads and will be led by Debbie Weible, (Evidence Lead in Education for primary maths, Devon maths hub lead for CODE maths hub and lead maths PD across the region) and Sandra Westlake (Evidence Lead in Education for secondary maths, expert teacher for the Mathematics Enhancement Project and Head of Mathematics at Dartmouth Academy).  Jon Eaton, Director of Kingsbridge Research School will support maths leads with implementation.  In addition, participants will engage in work groups led by the maths hub.
The intention is to create a collaborative forum where primary and secondary schools can work together to improve pupils’ transition experience in maths.  This is not about rewriting the whole curriculum – it is about making small, evidence-informed improvements over time.
This programme is fully funded by Plymouth City Council and is FREE to schools.

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