Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

The Plymouth Place-based School Improvement Portal moves into an exciting new phase with the the release of its new community function. The Portal’s PLCs bring educators across Plymouth Secondary Schools together in a virtual space, to provide a platform to share, collaborate, and support each other.


What is a Professional Learning Community?

A Professional Learning Community (PLC) is a group of educators that meets regularly, shares expertise, and works collaboratively to improve teaching skills, the curriculum offer and the academic performance of students.

‘High performing schools help teachers improve instruction by learning from each other.’

How the world’s best performing school systems came out on top (McKinsey 2007)

The Plymouth Place-based School Improvement Portal's PLCs complement the wider Plymouth Commission and provide opportunities for network ‘thinking’ across and between schools, subject areas or specialisms.

The Plymouth Place-based School Improvement Portal's  PLCs provide opportunities to:

  • improve learner outcomes

  • change professional practice and empower practitioners

  • create sustainable change

  • develop system wide leadership capacity

  • have measurable impact.

The Plymouth Secondary Strategy PLCs operate at a local level bringing colleagues within Plymouth Secondary Schools together to create collective capacity for school improvement.