What is the Portal and why is it important? 

It is a managed service providing an interactive city-wide platform for schools that coheres information, data and CPD supporting Plymouth’s Place-based approach to school improvement.  


What’s on the Plymouth Place-based School Improvement Portal?

Information about what place-based school improvement is and the governance structure of this work in Plymouth;

News links to keep you abreast of what is happening in Plymouth and beyond;

A City-wide Calendar of meetings and events;

A Managed Newsletter and updates by Social Media channels 

A dedicated Video Channel

A local CPD Catalogue facility to peruse and book local CPD events;

A Document Vault containing useful national, regional and local resources;

A Phase Specific Dashboard detailing what is happening in your phase (please note this is still under construction)



Why should my school sign my school up to this service?

The main portal is free of charge (although it is funded by school Member Zone subscriptions) and can be accessed by anyone. However, to access the Member Zone, you must register and pay the annual subscription.  This secure area of the site contains several useful features:

The Inclusion Scorecard (a city-wide breakdown of inclusion data by phase and by school);

The city-wide educational improvement plan called ‘One Plan for Plymouth Schools’ (please note we are awaiting agreement on the stretch targets for each phase before we upload this);

THE GLT 360 Leadership Tool (a fantastic resource to help you assess the strengths and further areas of development of your senior leadership team);

The findings from the academic evaluation of the project conducted by the universities of Plymouth and Marjon;

The Strategic Education Group (SEG) agendas and minutes


What if I don’t sign up?

We are asking all schools in the city to support Plymouth’s Place-based approach to school improvement.  We think all colleagues would agree that we are stronger and more impactful when we work together for the children of Plymouth.  However, the practical reality is that for there to be a centralised forum which coheres information and shares resources and news across the city, we must be able to fund it.  We are currently in the position where most secondary and special schools have signed up with a growing number of Primary schools too.   

Download further information about the Portal here


If you school hasn't signed up yet, we would encourage you to lend your support and ask the headteachers in your trust to SIGN UP.  We are asking that this is done by the 31st March 2023.