Developing Teaching for Mastery (Secondary)

Developing Teaching for Mastery (Secondary)

The Developing Teaching for Mastery Work Group offers a funded opportunity for a department to work closely with an expert Teaching for Mastery Specialist to design and implement a bespoke development plan using the principles of Teaching for Mastery

The CODE Maths Hub works with a team of Teaching for Mastery Specialists around the region. These are practicing teachers who have undergone at least two years of training to build their skills in working with maths departments.

When joining the Developing Teaching for Mastery Work Group, your department will nominate two Teaching for Mastery Advocates. These are teachers with the capacity to lead change in your department and who will work closely with the TfM Specialist.

The Developing TfM Work Group is the first step in an ongoing process of working with the CODE Maths Hub and is the first of two years of funded development which then continues through the ‘embedding’ and ‘sustaining’ phases as follows.

Year 1 – The ‘Developing Year’

Funding of £2000 paid to your department

Your department nominates 2 teachers to become ‘Mastery Advocates’. These Advocates work with a Teaching for Mastery Specialist.

The Advocates and Specialist work together to design and lead the PD Programme.

£2000 funding is offered to allow the Advocates time to work with the department and the Specialist, equivalent to 10 days of cover at £200 per day.

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Year 2 – The ‘Embedding Year’

Funding £1000 paid to your department 

Your Mastery Advocates continue to develop and implement the action plan with the TfM Specialist. The intention is that the Specialist takes a step back in this year, but is still able to visit and support where necessary (hence the reduced funding, which is to reimburse the Advocates’ time to work on the action plan).

This year your Advocates also become a part of the ’Sustaining’ Work Group which is described below.

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Year 3 (2022 onwards) – The ’Sustaining Years’

All Advocates who have worked with a Specialist for two years are able to join the Sustaining Work Group. This is a network of teachers, supported by the specialist who are able to work together, to share good practice and support and challenge each other in leading change with their own department.

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Key benefits:

  • Principled and research based professional development
  • Bespoke development programme designed with your department
  • Long-term funded programme to allow time for implementation and impact

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